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About Kirkland

Kirkland is situated on the Island of Montreal yet is not on the water as it borders other communities. The population of Kirkland is over 20,000. Although this is primarily a residential community the Trans Canada Highway goes directly through Kirkland and the industrial area straddles the highway. The climate zone lies on a transitional zone between the hot summer humid continental and the warm summer humid continental. Summers tend to be humid and the average daytime temperature is about 24°C. Winters are generally cold, windy, lots of snow and at times quite icy. Daytime highs in winter average -8°.

If you enjoy a game of golf but you need to hone your skills then Golf Dome West Island is the place to go. This indoor 55,000 square foot golf range will let you practice using any club, from driver through to wedge. If you’re up for a ‘virtual’ challenge you can play golf from a choice of over 30 P.G.A. courses in a private playing room. Play 18 holes regardless of the weather without the stress of being on a busy course. If you want to stroll along a river’s edge you’ll have to go a short drive to the north into Pierrefonds or a quick drive to the south through Beaconsfield. There is a good selection of restaurants that offer a variety of fare. Kirkland has a Cineplex theatre offering 12 screens and 6 3D screens. Although there is not much of a nightlife in Kirkland there are many nearby sports bars, clubs, and pubs.