Find the perfect temporary
housing solution for you

Short-Term Rentals

Atlantic Canada is calling. Looking for a comfortable place to stay for fewer than 29 nights? Look no further.

Our premium temporary accommodations are designed to meet your needs by providing all the comforts of home. At Premiere Suites, we understand that travellers have different needs, preferences, and budgets, so we offer a wide range of rental options. With our vast portfolio of furnished accommodations, you can find the ideal short-term rental that meets your specific needs and exceeds your expectations. We also offer extended-stay options if you need to stay longer.

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Corporate Assignment & Relocation

Are you relocating employees to a new city and need comfortable, flexible, and reliable temporary housing? Look no further than Premiere Suites.

As a leader in corporate housing, we understand the challenges that come with relocating employees, and we're here to make the transition as smooth and stress-free as possible. That's why we offer fully furnished and equipped suites in high demand and central locations across Canada, so your employees can feel at home while away from home.

With over 20 years of experience catering to executive relocations and other corporate housing requirements for diverse clients, our team of community experts will assist in finding the perfect accommodation that meets the company budget as well as the lifestyle and professional demands of the employees. Our suites come with all the comforts of home.

Government Employee Accommodations

Proud per diem provider of fully furnished temporary accommodations.

As Canada’s largest and most trusted corporate housing provider, it continues to be our great privilege to accommodate our government as an approved per diem provider of fully furnished luxury suites for over 15 years. At Premiere Suites, we understand just how valuable your time is, which is why we extend per diem rates on professionally managed suites in close proximity to government buildings and offices. Stay well rested and enjoy just a short pleasant walk to where you need to be in the morning.

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Entertainment Accommodations

Lights, camera, comfort. Corporate Housing for Film Cast and Crew.

Planning a Film or TV production in Canada? Canada's entertainment industry is rapidly expanding, boasting a diverse market for local talent, filming locations, and cost-effective production opportunities. As the Canadian film and television industry continues to grow, we understand that production companies are looking for comfortable, convenient, and cost-effective accommodations for their cast and crew. That is where Premiere Suites comes in.

We offer the perfect solution for film and TV production teams in need of affordable and fully furnished accommodations. With locations in all major cities across Canada, our suites are just minutes away from some of the most popular filming locations in the country.

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Insurance & Emergency Housing

Your home is your place of security, comfort and safety. When something unexpected happens that forces you to vacate your home, it can be extremely distressing.

With over 1,300 fully furnished temporary homes in our portfolio, Premiere Suites offers temporary emergency housing solutions that meet your needs because we understand just how important it is for you to regain some sense of normality.

Our luxury homes and apartments will provide balance and security during this difficult time. As a professional and knowledgeable emergency housing provider, we offer fully furnished homes, a kitchen equipped with full-sized appliances, complimentary Wi-Fi, in-suite or on-premise laundry facilities, pet-friendly options and 24/7 support.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the minimum stay requirement?

The minimum requirement for our short-term and month-to-month rentals is dependent upon the property itself as well as the legislative requirements of the respective region, where many of our properties require monthly rentals of 30 days or longer.

Do you take advanced reservations?

We accept advanced bookings, depending upon the availability of the rental property you’re interested in as we offer our guests the right to extend their stay should their visit run longer than anticipated. We can usually confirm the availability of a unit two to three weeks prior to your anticipated arrival date.

How do I pick up my keys?

Once your booking is confirmed, you will receive the pick-up instructions for the keys to your unit via email. Please be sure to review these instructions prior to your arrival date. Feel free to contact your sales agent at any time with questions or concerns.

Do you offer parking?

All our suites and short-term apartment rentals include parking. Depending on the specific property, the cost of parking may be included in the rate or available to you at an additional cost.

Do you offer housekeeping?

Complimentary housekeeping services are included with your stay and occur on a bi-weeky schedule (once every two weeks). More frequent housekeeping services are available for an additional cost.

What is included with my stay?

All our suites are professionally designed, fully furnished and include a comfy living room, television, a fully equipped five-piece kitchen, fresh linens and bathroom towels. They also come with complimentary Wi-Fi, basic cable, local calls, utilities, and, in some regions, free national calls.