Corporate Housing for film crews

Need short term rental housing for your Film and TV production crew?

The entertainment industry in Canada is actively thriving. With a vibrant market for local talent in terms of cast and crew, Toronto filming locations and other beautiful neighbourhoods have seen a marked increase in film and tv productions. Now more than ever, you and your crew need affordable production accommodations that are also close enough to filming locations.

At Premiere Suites, we understand that film industry rentals are difficult to find and that hotels can be costly. So, we are here to bring your search for fully furnished executive suites and corporate home rentals to an end.

Whether you are shooting a film, a commercial, or a television series, our dedicated team of community experts will help simplify your lifestyle needs with convenience, without breaking the bank.

10 reasons to choose Premiere Suites

  • Flexible check-in & check-out

  • No minimum stay required

  • Customized and insured housing solutions (1 2, and 3 bedroom apartments, condominiums, homes and townhouses)

  • Luxury Amenities (fitness centre, swimming pool, sauna, BBQ and meeting rooms)

  • Pet-friendly suites (available upon request and availability)

  • 24/7 guest support

  • Completely safe and secure

  • In-suite or on-premise laundry facilities

  • Complimentary bi-weekly housekeeping

  • Complimentary Wifi, basic cable and free local calls

The Benefits of Film Industry Rentals With Us

Close to filming locations

Sometimes you may have to film in an area of town where only a few hotels exist. Our short term housing for film crews are located in beautiful Class A buildings that may just be only minutes away from where you need to be.

Spacious suites

Our short term rentals are upwards of 200 square feet larger than the average hotel suite. This means that you’ll have plenty of room to rehearse, stretch, lay out and even organize production equipment if needed.

More economical

Hotel rates in cities like Toronto and Winnipeg are typically steep. This means that with long haul film productions, hotel costs can take a big toll on your budget. Short term corporate home rentals reduce the lodging-related expenses and help you save money.

Fully equipped kitchens

With a fully equipped 5-piece kitchen, enjoy the benefit of being able to prepare your favourite meals, snacks and beverages with ease.

Designed for comfort

To give the best performance over weeks or months-long projects, you and your film crew members need a place to relax and feel comfortable while off set. Our film industry rentals consist of fully furnished apartments, homes, and condominiums that offer all of the comforts of home like a comfortable living room, a television, and a dining area.

Parking subject to availability

Who Are We?

Premiere Suites is Canada's largest provider of extended-stay executive suites, boasting fully furnished accommodations with affordable rates that best suit your production budget.