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Planning a Film or TV production in Canada? We offer the perfect solution for film and TV production teams in need of affordable and fully furnished accommodations. With locations in all major cities across Canada, our suites are just minutes away from some of the most popular filming locations in the country.

Canada's entertainment industry is rapidly expanding, boasting a diverse market for local talent, filming locations, and cost-effective production opportunities. As the Canadian film and television industry continues to grow, we understand that production companies are looking for comfortable, convenient, and cost-effective accommodations for their cast and crew. That is where Premiere Suites comes in.

The Benefits of Film Industry Rentals With Us

Close to Filming Locations

At times, filming locations may be situated in areas of town with limited hotel options available. Our properties are nestled in stunning neighbourhoods that may only be a few minutes distance from your desired location.

Spacious Suites

Our suites are upwards of 200 square feet larger than the average hotel room. This extra space provides ample room for stretching, rehearsing, and even setting up production equipment if needed. With buildings that can conveniently accommodate numerous cast and crew within a single location. Our vast and spacious inventory includes:

Apartments, condominiums, and townhomes with 1, 2, 3, and 4-bedroom options.

More Economical

Cities such as Toronto and Winnipeg are known for their high hotel rates, which can significantly impact the budget of long-haul film production. Opting for extended stay rentals can help cut down on lodging expenses and provide a cost-effective solution.

Fully Equipped Kitchens

With a fully equipped 5-piece kitchen, the cast and crew can enjoy the convenience of preparing their own meals and snacks with ease. No need to rely on takeout or catered food, as everything they need is available in the comfort of their own suite.

Privacy and Security

Our film industry rentals provide actors with private and secure accommodations. As Canada's largest and most trusted provider of fully furnished temporary housing, our properties are all private residences that are professionally managed, audited, accredited, and insured. Cast and crew will receive 24/7 professional support throughout their stay, ensuring a secure and reliable experience.

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At Premiere Suites, we understand the unique needs of film crews, and we're here to make sure that each stay is as comfortable and convenient as possible. Whether shooting a film, a commercial, or a TV series, our dedicated team of community experts will help simplify lifestyle needs, without breaking the bank.

Film projects require the cast and crew to have a comfortable and relaxing place to unwind after a long day on set. Our film industry rentals offer all the comforts of a home, including separate bedrooms, a cozy living room with a television, and a dining area. Select suites have access to amenities, including fitness centres, swimming pools, and more. With these comforts, the cast and crew can recharge and prepare for the next day of filming with ease.

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