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Lights, camera, comfort.

We provide affordable, fully furnished apartments for film and TV production crews in Canada.

Canada's entertainment industry is filled with opportunities for local talent, filming locations, and cost-effective production. For production companies looking for comfortable, convenient, and affordable long-term rentals for their cast and crew, Premiere Suites is the perfect solution.

Why The Entertainment Industry Chooses Premiere Suites

Proximity to Filming Locations

Over 1,300 furnished apartments strategically located in high-demand areas across 38 Canadian cities, in stunning neighbourhoods that may only be a few minutes distance from your desired location.

Fully Equipped Suites

Our 1-5 bedroom corporate rentals are 200+ square feet larger than the average hotel rooms, with a living room, dining area, workspace, and a fully equipped kitchen. With buildings that can conveniently accommodate numerous cast and crew within a single location.

More Economical

Popular filming locations in Canada often have high hotel rates. Long-haul film productions can save money by choosing long-term rentals from a company like Premiere Suites.

Laundry and Housekeeping

All our film crew accommodations include in-suite or on-site laundry facilities. We also provide housekeeping services once every two weeks for stays of three or more weeks.

Quality and Standards

We comply with strict regulations through rigorous third-party evaluations and inspections. We are professionally managed, audited, accredited, and insured.

Flexible Stays

Adjust your stay duration as the production schedule might evolve.

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From booking to check-out, we’re at your service, ensuring a seamless and professional experience throughout each stay. We provide 24/7 guest support to handle any maintenance emergencies or inquiries promptly.

Numerous film production companies have entrusted us to provide them with convenient, comfortable, and reliable corporate housing. We’re here to make your film crew comfortable.

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