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Staying healthy and happy, while living life responsibly, in the great indoors

Posted : March 27, 2020



Staying home and practicing social distancing is undoubtedly the right and responsible thing to do - but it’s definitely not easy.

Here you’ll find just a few tips and resources to help you make voluntary confinement look good.



1. Start with Gratitude

It can be easy to focus on all of the things we don’t have and can’t do right now. But starting your day by thinking of just three things you are grateful for; maybe it’s that you have the power of sight, and hearing, or a home in which you can stay safe, or something as magical as access to the internet and clean running water. You’ll find the list is so much longer than you could imagine – and that’s a great place from which to face the day.


2. Stay Nourished

We might not have the same access we once did to restaurants and grocery stores, but it’s imperative that we nourish our bodies to maintain our immune systems. Now is a great time to learn a few new recipes, while also providing yourself with a productive activity.

The KITCHN not only provides delicious and easy-to-prepare meals, but you’ll also find some really innovative recipes for common pantry items, along with some great tips on how to shop and stock effectively. There’s even a trick to keeping berries fresh longer!


3. Get Fresh Air

Not only are the benefits of fresh air real, but they also impact both our physical and mental health. Staying indoors where you're consistently breathing stale or recirculated air, forces our bodies to work harder to get the oxygen they need. Where fresh air helps to rejuvenate our bodies and minds.

So stick your head out of the window, or stand on your balcony or in your backyard for a few minutes, several times each day. Or go for a walk, but only in spaces, or at times of the day where and when you’re able to maintain a minimum 6-foot or 2-metre distance from others.


4. Exercise Indoors

There are hundreds of apps and YouTube channels that offer spectacular exercise routines for every fitness level and interest. But if you’re looking for a free and accessible way to get started, Fitness Blender provides access to hundreds of free, full-length workout videos. Where you can sort by the duration of the exercise, difficulty and even if you’d prefer a male or female instructor. Just remember to move all the furniture out of the way, go at your own pace, and don’t push yourself too hard…it’s really not a good time to head out to the doctor’s office 😉


5. Play

Crack open an old board game, start a 500-piece puzzle, log in for a multi-player video game, play a game of charades over Skype with your family, or how a bout a round or two of solitaire the old-fashioned way, with a real deck of cards.


6. Feeling Anxious or Overwhelmed?

Help Guide is a fantastic resource providing valuable information and tools in support of mental health and general wellness, including exercise, meditation, relationships, and aging. Get started with their guide to coping with Coronavirus Anxiety or their Relaxation Techniques for Stress Relief.


7. Take a Course in Happiness

Yale University has just announced that they are providing everyone with FREE access to their massively popular Happiness Course. Lead by Professor Laurie Santos, you’ll engage in a series of challenges designed to increase your own happiness and build more productive habits. And you’ll be able to tell people that you studied at Yale.


8. Make Time to Relax, Mindfully

For most of us, relaxing is plopping down on the couch and getting lost in a movie or scrolling through social media. The active practice of relaxing, or meditation is just as easy as sitting on the couch, but doubles as an effective way to combat stress, lower blood pressure, anxiety, and provide a greater sense of control over our thoughts, that just may be spinning into overload these days.

Insight Timer is a recent winner of TIME magazine's Apps of the Year award and an excellent source for free mindfulness and meditation practices for beginners and the more experienced.

Stop, Breathe, & Think is another award-winning app with a customization tool that delivers meditations based on your current emotions and feelings.

Calm is the perfect app for beginners, and even has a 7-day beginner program to get you started off on the right foot.

All 3 of these apps are available for download on Android and iOS.


9. Stay Connected

We’re meant to be practicing physical distancing, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t connect with our friends and family members regularly. Make the time to Skype, or even pick up the phone and telephone somebody you’ve been meaning to catch up with.


10. Tackle That Project

Maybe it’s time to learn a new language, master the art of making dumplings, sort through all those pictures on your phone, learn to play chess, or hunker down and read one of the great classic novels…it might not seem like it now, but this time won’t last forever, so get ‘er done.


11. Take News Breaks

Traditional news media outlets are invaluable, especially in times like these, to keep us informed and connected. But it’s (rightfully) all coronavirus, all the time. And you don’t need to have the news on all day long to stay informed. Give yourself some breaks and try to tune in only for the major news updates where you’ll get a rundown of the most relevant topics and updates of the day.


Feeling really anxious or depressed? You're not alone.

Your Life Counts is an online lifeline resource that enables you to search by province for phone numbers and contact information for various mental health services across Canada.


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