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September is the other January

Posted : August 21, 2018


Even if you haven’t been in school for years, something about September feels like a fresh start – one where we get serious, buckle down, and look to achieve some serious goals. This is why September is a fantastic opportunity to establish resolutions.

As you soak up these lingering dog days of summer, take a few minutes to think about what you want out of 2019.

What can you do now to accelerate those goals, so that you can really hit the ground running come January?


Premiere Suites offers 5 ideas for Fall resolutions.



Get organized


Built In Organization


With lighter work schedules, longer days, late dinners and summer vacation; getting back into the swing of things for September can feel like a mad scramble. But this September, why not take advantage of this natural “re-start” to embrace an organizational project. The changing of the seasons is a good time to tackle the closets and the cupboards - and maybe even install those built-ins you’ve been eyeing.

Host a garage sale or donate to charity, everything the kids have grown out of, and all those items you haven’t worn or touched in over 2 years.

If weekday meals stress you out - hang a whiteboard or chalkboard in the kitchen to promote group input and support effective shopping trips. You may also want to try grocery delivery or even a meal kit program – even if it’s only for one or two days each week.



Set better boundaries. 

boundaries for leaders


August often allows for fewer late-nights at the office, lighter meeting schedules and greater work-life balance. As you get back into the swing of September, work with your teams, partners, and colleagues to establish better boundaries around “work time”.

Some effective examples are; enforcing specific times of the day for checking emails, or implementing a weekly “meeting day”, so that you’re not in and out of meetings all week, while compelled to accomplish more during the times you do get together.

On the other hand, if your kids’ after-school activity schedule has you zipping around the city like a frazzled taxi driver, consider negotiating fewer activities, or working with some of the other parents to organize a carpool program.

And unless it’s an emergency, stop taking work calls or responding to emails between 6pm and 8pm so that you can enjoy the people in your life, indulge in a hobby, or simply relax and reflect upon your day.



Learn a new skill. 



Maybe you’re looking to spice things up, meet new people, make a career change or set yourself up for a promotion. Whatever the aspiration, growing your skills is a proven strategy. The best part is, there are more online resources and options than ever before, making it easier to work with your unique schedule, budget, and learning-style. Look for e-schools, workshops, or bootcamps that offer affordable, flexible and reputable online options.



Start, or switch up your exercise routine.



Starting a new exercise routine can be easier now than it will be in January – not only are gyms less busy than they are come the new year, but the weather throughout most of Canada is still nice enough for some outdoor activities, like running, hiking, cycling, tennis or even golf – if you walk the course. The fall is also an effective time of year to establish new workouts and routines so that you’re feeling great as you move into the holidays, and not fighting an uphill battle come January.



Make mental health a priority.

Reading before Bed


It’s easy to take your fabulous brain for granted, but as the control centre of your very being; responsible for every thought, action, and emotion – a little TLC really does go a long way.

Start with deep breathing several times each day, and zero screen time for at least one-hour before bed. You can use this time to stretch, meditate, read a book (or e-book without a back light) – and call to mind three things you’re grateful for today.

You'll also want to stay hydrated.  Your brain needs tons of water, and loses efficiency when dehydrated -with over 70% of the population functioning while chronically dehydrated, it’s time to get guzzling.


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