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When life demands a cost-effective, fully furnished home away from home, compromising on safety and security need never be an option.

At Premiere Suites, we guarantee a highly regulated, audited, certified and insured alternative to the private rental market, making us Canada’s largest and most trusted provider of professionally managed, fully-furnished apartments and homes.

Why our guests choose Premiere Suites

Health & Safety: In addition to being professionally managed, all our properties are environmentally compliant through the HSSE, are up to date with all Health & Safety Codes and have emergency plans in place, executed by our trained staff who have all successfully completed security background checks

Insured & Responsible: Our insurance is carried by professional providers and we take full ownership and responsibility for the lease, all furnishings, suite maintenance, ongoing professional cleaning as well as all guests’ needs and inquiries.

Professionally Audited: Our properties are audited annually by the International Serviced Apartments Accreditation Program (ISAAP), the leading accreditation system for the corporate housing industry who stay overnight in our suites and assess our inventory against more than 250 service quality, regulatory and safety criteria that include the Guest Experience, Housekeeping, Maintenance, Exterior/Arrival, Living/Dining Room, Bedroom(s), Bathroom(s), Kitchen, and Additional Facilities. We value your experience and proudly display our ASAP Quality Accreditation Marque

Knowledge & Respect: We are in full compliance with all property zoning laws, by-laws, community rules and regulations, in addition to all tax codes, restrictions and financial obligations



We are accredited members of both the International and Canadian chapters of the Corporate Housing Providers Association (CHPA), a professional trade association dedicated to supporting professional corporate housing providers around the world, while ensuring adherence to CHPA Code of Ethics.


Premiere Suites is an accredited member of the Association of Serviced Apartment Providers (ASAP) the leading global quality assessment, reporting, recognition and accreditation system for the serviced apartments, corporate housing and executive suites sectors of the hospitality industry. Those awarded this accreditation, anywhere in the world, are delivering a consistently high standard of customer care, comfort and health and safety while in alignment with the ASAP Code of Conduct.


Premiere Suites is an accredited member of the Canadian Employee Relocation Council (CERC), the leading provider of information, research and expertise on workforce mobility and employee relocation. With over 600 international members CERC is Canada’s only organization devoted to advancing the interests of workforce mobility, increasing their members’ expertise in the field of workforce mobility, and providing a more efficient and cost effective relocation.