Winnipeg’s Folklorama Largest and Longest Running Multicultural Festival in the World

Winnipeg’s Folklorama Largest and Longest Running Multicultural Festival in the World

Winnipeg’s annual two-week festival of global culture, Folkorama begins on Sunday, July 31 and runs until Saturday, August 13, 2016. Over 40 volunteer-run pavilions will showcase unique cultures by featuring live entertainment, cultural displays, ethnic cuisine and warm hospitality at venues across the city.

The Festival began in 1970 as a celebration of Manitoba’s centennial. It has since grown to become the largest and longest-running multicultural festival of its kind in the world, as determined by the International Council of Organizations of Folklore Festivals and Folk Arts.

Bring the whole family out to enjoy world-class entertainment, delicious authentic food and global culture without leaving the city.

Single admission tickets are $6.00 per pavilion. Children under 12 are free when accompanied by an adult.

Check the Folklorama website for pavilion locations.

Week 1

Africa/Caribbean, Pavilion 1

Belgian, Pavilion 2

Brazilian, Pavilion 3

Casa do Minho Portuguese, Pavilion 4

Chilean, Pavilion 5

Chinese, Pavilion 6

Greek, Pavilion 7

Hungarian-Pannonia, Pavilion 8

Indo-Caribbean Paradise, Pavilion 9

Irish, Pavilion 10

Israel – Shalom Square, Pavilion 11

Italian, Pavilion 12

Japanese, Pavilion 13

Mexican, Pavilion 14

Pavilion of Scotland, Pavilion 15

Pavilion Canadian-francais, Pavilion 16

Punjab, Pavilion 17

Romanian, Pavilion 18

Russian, Pavilion 19

Scandinavian, Pavilion 20

Serbian “KOLO”, Pavilion 21

South Sudanese, Pavilion 22

Ukraine-Kyiv, Pavilion 23

Week 2

Africa, Pavilion 24

Alo! Basil, Pavilion 25

Argentina “Tango”, Pavilion 26

Caribbean, Pavilion 27

Celtic-Ireland, Pavilion 28

Chile Lindo, Pavilion 29

Croatian “Zagreb”, Pavilion 30

Cuban, Pavilion 31

Ethiopian, Pavilion 32

German, Pavilion 33

Hungarian, Pavilion 34

India, Pavilion 35

Korean, Pavilion 36

Pabellon de Espana – Spain, Pavilion 37

Pavilion of Portugal, Pavilion 38

Pearl of the Orient Philippine, Pavilion 39

Serbian “Beograd”, Pavilion 40

Slovenjia, Pavilion 41

Spirit of Ukraine, Pavilion 42

Tamil, Pavilion 43

United Kingdom, Pavilion 44

Warsaw-Poland, Pavilion 45