Vancouver Bike Shops Promote Clean and Energy Efficient Transportation

Vancouver Bike Shops Promote Clean and Energy Efficient Transportation

If you have ever considered cycling to work, you are part of a growing trend. The number of people choosing to cycle continues to grow every year. A trip to a Vancouver bike shop can help you choose the right equipment for your individual needs and help you on your way to using one of the cleanest and most energy efficient forms of transportation.

Vancouver is one of Canada’s most bike friendly cities. Apart from having the most ideal climate for cycling, the city has undertaken many green transport initiatives to make cycling safer, more convenient and comfortable for residents and visitors. With upgraded cycling route, increased bicycle parking, it is a movement well worth considering in Vancouver.

There is also the added benefit of getting daily exercise. Instead of having to schedule a daily trip to the gym, you can stay active, save time and money on vehicle-related expenses that just keep going up, like gas and parking. It seems like a no brainer. Just ensure you know the rules of the road and have all of your safety gear in check before you ride.

Visit a Vancouver bike shop:

###Bicycle Sports Pacific

1359 Main St North

Vancouver, BC

(604) 988-1800

###Bike Doctor

137 West Broadway

Vancouver, BC

(604) 873-2453

###Denman Bike Shop

710 Denman St @ Stanley Park

Vancouver, BC

(604) 685-9755

###Denman Bikes

2607 Main St @ 10th Ave

Vancouver, BC

(604) 559-9494

###Different Bikes

1445 Main St N

Vancouver, BC

(604) 929-4327 (GEAR)

1437 Clyde Ave (Ambleside)

West Vancouver, BC

(604) 925-2453 (BIKE)

1421 West Broadway (just east of Granville St)

Vancouver, BC

(604) 737-2344

###Dunbar Cycles

195 W Broadway

Vancouver, BC

(604) 224-2116

###JV Bike

929 Expo Blvd

Vancouver, BC

(604) 694-2453

###La Bicicletta Pro Shop

233 W Broadway

Vancouver, BC

(604) 872-2424

###Simon’s Bike Shop

608 Robson St

Vancouver, BC

(604) 602-1181

###The Bike Gallery Store

4433 W 10th Ave

Vancouver, BC

(604) 221-2453