The Best Places to Get Gelato in Vancouver

The Best Places to Get Gelato in Vancouver

Gelato might be the Italian word for ice cream, but the two iced treats are prepared very differently giving them a distinctly unique taste. Gelato starts with a custard base just like ice cream, but it contains more milk and less cream. Similar to ice cream, it can be made with or without eggs. The biggest difference between the two comes from the significantly slower rate of churning gelato, which incorporates less air giving it more density than the light and airy tasting ice cream.

If you are a gelato aficionado, you want to reminisce about your recent travels to Italy, or you want a marginally less fatty treat that tastes just as good, if not better than ice cream, you should head to one of the best places to get gelato in Vancouver.

Bella Gelateria, in the business district, reportedly has some of the finest gelato to be found anywhere. Gelormy sources all key ingredients and equipment directly from Italy. La Casa Gelato International has over 500 flavours on rotation to choose from so you never have to have the same flavour twice. Some of their craziest flavours include asparagus and curry. 7 Sweet Sins is close to the Rogers Arena, making it a great place to stop before or after a hockey game or concert.

Here is our list of the best places to get gelato in Vancouver. You are welcome.

###Amato Gelato Café

78 East 1st Ave

Vancouver, BC

(604) 879-9011

###Bella Gelateria

1001 West Cordova

Vancouver, BC

(604) 569-1010

1089 Marinaside Cres

Vancouver BC

(778) 737-7890

###Gelateria Dolce Amore 1588 Commercial Dr

Vancouver, BC

(604) 258-0006


1094 Denman St

Vancouver, BC

(604) 647-6638

1222 Robson St

Vancouver, BC

(604) 694-0108

###La Casa Gelato International

1033 Venables St

Vancouver, BC

(604) 251-3211

###7 Sweet Sins

683 Abbott St

Vancouver, BC