The Best Flower Shops in Vancouver

The Best Flower Shops in Vancouver

Flowers add a personal touch to any occasion or event, but not all buds are created equal. When it comes to choosing a florist, we tend to gravitate towards florists that exhibit their own sense of personal style, and someone you can work with to create the perfect arrangement for our unique situation.

Cookie cutter flower order houses are a dime a dozen, so if you want to go online an choose a pre-selected bunch and have them sent without ever having set foot in store or talk to a professional, by all means, knock yourself out. Sometimes time and effort aren’t warranted and won’t be judged.

It’s not that you can’t order online from the best flower shops in Vancouver. It is more a question of why would you, when you can talk to an experienced designer about your wants and needs, and have them come up with a creation unlike anything else, a truly one-of-a-kind arrangement. If you want to make a real impact in your home, at an event or on someone special, choosing one of the best flower shops in Vancouver is the only way to go.

Regardless of the occasion, one of the flower shops on our list can certainly recommend a design that fits your budget. Give them a call today or set up an appointment to check out your options and find the perfect floral arrangement for your next event.

###Celsia Florist

1930 Arbutus St

Vancouver, BC

(604) 731-3314

###Choice Flowers

166 1055 W George St

Royal Centre Mall

Vancouver, BC


###Flower Factory

3604 Main St

Vancouver, BC

(604) 871-1008

###Garden Party Flowers

415 Industrial Ave

Vancouver, BC

(604) 731-2737

###Heathers The Flowershop

422 W Cordova St

Vancouver, BC

(604) 603-4995

###Queensberry Flower Company

297 Davie St

Vancouver, BC

(604) 339-3528

###Thomas Hobbs Florist

2127 W 41st Ave

Vancouver, BC

(604) 263-2601