How to Choose the Best Yoga Studio in Vancouver

How to Choose the Best Yoga Studio in Vancouver

Yoga and Vancouver go together like a hand in a glove. It is no wonder then you can find a studio on practically every street corner. Yoga has surged in popularity over the past ten years across North America. The proliferation of new and ambitious yoga teachers has probably led to an unsustainable number of studios in most urban regions of the country, and with that we saw a number of studio closures in the past couple of years.

When choosing the best yoga studio in Vancouver for your needs, it is best to do your research. Consider how long the studio has been in business and whether they have a reasonable month-by-month rate. If you opt for an annual membership, which works out to be the best price in the long run, you want to be fairly certain they are not going to be shutting down and unable to refund your money.

Most studios offer great promotions for new students. Look for opportunities to get unlimited yoga classes for your first month at a discounted rate. This will give you an opportunity to try out a number of classes and instructors, get a feel for the studio and what benefits you can reap from becoming a member. We recommend choosing up to three studios in your neighbourhood to try out over a three month period before making a decision on which one works best for you. You should be able to narrow down your selection by checking out the class schedule and prices on each studio website.

he cream usually rises to the top in any situation. Here are some of the best yoga studios in Vancouver; they have weathered the storm because their members love what they offer, they have reasonable prices and great instructors and classes, and they have created a successful business formula.

Yoga Studios in Vancouver

###Ashtanga Yoga Vancouver

Styles: Ashtanga

Where: 201 2515 Burrard St, Vancouver, BC, (604) 307-2644

Price: Single $25; unlimited monthly $180

###Babylon Yoga Shala

Styles: Ashtanga

Where: 718 East 20th Ave, Vancouver, BC, (778) 881-9642

Price: 5 class pass $54; unlimited monthly $108

###Bikram Yoga Vancouver

Styles: Hot Yoga

Where: 22-555 West 12th Ave, Vancouver, BC, (604) 568-0688

Price: Unlimited monthly $120

###just yoga

Styles: Hatha, Kundalini, Prenatal, Restorative, Yin, Yoga Nidra, 50+

Where: 53 E Broadway, Vancouver, BC

Price: Single $20; unlimited monthly $99

###[Moksha Yoga Vancouver] (

Styles: Hot Yoga

Where: 242 2086 Alma St, Vancouver, BC, (604) 569-3650

Price: Single $20; unlimited monthly $160

###One Yoga for the People

Styles: Vinyasa, Power Vinyasa, Yin

Where: 150 W Hastings St #201, Vancouver, BC, (604) 710-7267

Price: Single $25; unlimited monthly $120


Styles: Hatha, Vinyasa Power Flow, Yin Yoga, Kundalini, Prenatal,

Where: 4 locations (Kitsilano, Granville Island, City studio, Sun Studio)

Price: Single $22; unlimited monthly $108

###The Yoga Space

Styles: Iyengar

Where: 677 East 27th Ave, Vancouver, BC, (604) 876-9600

Price: Single $12-$20; 13-week session $163-$259

###Unity Yoga Teahouse

Styles: Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini, Yin, Yin Yang, Pre-natal, 50-Plus

Where: 1672 10th Ave E 2nd floor Vancouver, BC, (604) 708-8369

Price: Single $17; unlimited monthly $120

###Yoga West

Styles: Kundalini

Where: 2662 Westt 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC, (604) 732-9642

Price: Single $18; unlimited monthly $110

###YogaButtons Studio

Styles: Kids, Camps

Where: 2525 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC, (604) 739-9642

Price: Single $14; 10-class card $120

###Yogacara Studios

Styles: Vinyasa Flow

Where: 3381 Fraser St, Vancouver, BC, (604) 568-3334

Price: Single $20; unlimited monthly $95-$145


Styles: Hatha, Hot, Power, Yin, Restorative

Where: Multiple locations across Vancouver

Price: Single $20; unlimited monthly $120