Where to Find a Cobbler in Toronto

It seems like shoe cobblers are a dying breed; good ones at least. It is heartbreaking to wear a new pair of killer shoes out for a night on the town only to step on a subway grate and have the whole heel scraped up. Big city dwellers know what we’re talking about. A cobbler who can restore your damaged shoes or return a vintage pair of boots from consignment to their original glory is like a stranger who finds your lost wallet and returns it with all the money and cards still inside. Here are some cobblers in Toronto that you might want to remember.

Village Cobbler, 262 Durie St, (416) 769-0586, Directions

Sole Survivor, 16 Kensington Ave, (647) 995-3306, solesurvivorshop.com, Directions

Novelty Shoe Rebuilders Limited, 119 Yonge St, (416) 364-8878, Directions

Shoe Therapy, 1108 Bay St, (416) 916-3928, Directions

Cobbler's Corner, 11 Erskine Ave, (416) 486-7463, Directions

Gerry's Shoe Repair, 700 University Ave, (416) 979-1591, Directions

Moneysworth & Best, CF Toronto Eaton Centre, 220 Yonge St, (416) 593-8745, moneysworth-best.com, Directions

Tino's Shoe Repair, 737 Ossington Ave, (416) 537-1322, Directions

Nick's Custom Footwear & Shoe Repair, 169 Dupont St, (416) 924-5930, nickscustomboots.com, Directions

Kaner's Handbags & Shoe Repair, 110 Bloor St W, (416) 920-9982, Directions

Galleria Shoe Repair, Galleria Shopping Centre, 1245 Dupont, (416) 836-7478, galleriashoerepair.com, Directions

Sole Survivor, 1426 Dundas St W,, (647) 346-3306, solesurvivorshop.com, Directions

Phil's Shoe Repair Service, 1660 Dufferin St, (416) 652-1971, Directions

Ultima Shoe Repair, 5 Walker Av, (416) 923-6758, Directions

Moneysworth and Best Shoe Repair, (inside Superstore), 2549 Weston Rd, (416) 849-9985, moneysworth-best.com Directions

Fine Shoe Sales And Repair, 845 Danforth Ave, (416) 463-5085, Directions

Moneysworth And Best, Hudson's Bay Centre, 20 St W, (416) 975-8221, moneysworth-best.com Directions

College Shoe Repair & Key Cutting, College Park, 777 Bay St, Directions

Leaside Cobbler, 214 Laird Dr, (416) 696-1140, Directions

Cumberland Shoe Repair, 2 Bloor St W, Cumberland Terrace Food court, (416) 975-5241, Directions