The Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) - Let's Go to The EX!

The Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) - Let's Go to The EX!

The Canadian National Exhibition (CNE), otherwise known as the Ex, was started in 1879 to develop and promote the agriculture and manufacturing industries, as well as commerce and the arts.

Throughout the CNE’s long and very rich history, it has attracted millions of visitors from all over the world, employed thousands of local youth, and pumped more than $80 million into the economy. It is Canada’s largest fair and one of North America’s top 10 largest fairs, running for 18 days beginning on the Friday two weeks before the Labour Day weekend.

Each year, over a million people flock through the Princes’ Gates to enjoy the rides and games of the midway, watch the shows and concerts, find great bargains in the shopping halls, and taste international foods and quirky annual treats, as well as a front row seat for the air shows and fireworks displays on the final long weekend.

New this year are:

The Mach 3 – a spectacular ride with a 37 metre arm that whirls riders 360 degrees upside down and inside out at up to 13 revolutions per minute producing a g-force of 3.5.

The CNE Zipline – climb up the 126 foot scaffolding for a bird’s eye view of The EX and careen down more than 1,100 feet, over the midway.

RYC Bar - Rice pudding in assorted flavours.

The Flying Wallendas - the legendary circus act dating back to the 18th century.

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