Historic High Park Toronto's Largest Park

Historic High Park Toronto's Largest Park

Historic High Park, Toronto’s largest park, is 161 hectares stretching from Bloor Street at the Northern edge to the Queensway in the South, and from Parkside Drive at the Eastern edge to Ellis Street in the West. The property was previously owned by John Howards, who gave it to the city on the condition that it never be sold and that is be used as a public park. High Park opened to the public in 1876. Today, over 1 million people visit the park annually to see many species of wildlife and rare plants, to picnic with their friends and families, play sports, walk the trails, or grab a bite to eat.

The most popular part of the Park is the Hillside Gardens, which runs from the restaurant to the lakefront. There are several waterfalls, two small bridges, and a variety of flowers and plants, ‒ including some landscaped into the shape of a maple leaf ‒ that make it a favourite for budding photographers and romances.

The Park attracts the most visitors in the early spring when its many Sakura cherry trees are in full bloom. Located around the Hillside Gardens and by the Duck Pond, the tree’s blossoms only last about a week under ideal blooming conditions, so it is important to check the Park website, contact the city and watch the weather carefully before coming down to catch the spectacle.

If you enjoy walking, there are plenty of hiking trails in the Park, including the lakeside trail that starts by the maple leaf in Hillside Gardens and heads north, winding through bushes and trees, past squirrels and birds, into the West Ravine Trails. Be warned that some of the path are steep and may be too challenging for some, however, there is always an easier alternate path close by.

In addition to the historic Hillside Gardens, fantastic natural areas and walking trails, the park also offers sports facilities, a children's garden, Grenadier Pond, the High Park Zoo, Colborne Lodge, Trackless Train, the Jamie Bell Playground, a dog park, a couple of restaurants, and greenhouses.

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