Where to Get the Best Ice Cream in Ottawa

Where to Get the Best Ice Cream in Ottawa

Ice cream is as much a part of summer in Ottawa as tourists and festivals. With the warmer temperatures and beautiful scenery, many take to the streets to see the nation’s capital on foot. Ice cream is the perfect food for walking and talking because you only need one hand and it doesn’t require any chewing; not that you needed convincing.

You will find ice cream for sale at almost every festival around the city during the spring and summer months, available in a variety of delicious flavours in cones or a cup. If you can’t find a street vendor to sort you out, you will need to look for one of the ice cream parlours or cafés that sell frozen treats; whether you are looking for gourmet, gelato, old good old fashioned.

Here is our list of the best places to get ice cream in Ottawa. The list includes some big names found in every city, like Baskin-Robbins. It also includes some local favourites that are definitely worth checking out. The bottom line is there really is no going wrong with ice cream. We dare you to try one and tell us you didn't like it.


Blue Heron Mall

1500 Bank St

Ottawa, ON

(613) 731-1001


###Marble Slab Creamery

773 Bank St

Ottawa, ON

(613) 421-6690


###Pascale’s Ice Cream

Ottawa Farmer’s Market, Brewer’s Park

1015 Bank St

Ottawa, ON

(613) 322-4256


###Pasticceria Gelateria Italiana

200 Preston St

Ottawa, ON

(613) 233-2104


###Piccolo Grande

102-55 Murray St

Ottawa, ON

(613) 241-2909


###Pure Gelato

350 Elgin Street

Ottawa, ON

(613) 237-3799


###Stella Luna Gelato Café

1103 Bank St

Ottawa, ON

(613) 523-1116


###Truffle Treasures

348A Richmond Road

Ottawa, ON

(613) 761-3859