Five Best Picnic Spots in Ottawa

Five Best Picnic Spots in Ottawa

The picnic is a celebration of friends, food and freedom that Canadians delight in each summer. There is something about gathering and breaking bread outdoors in lush green spaces that sets the soul right and makes everything better.

Ottawa is full of lovely parks and garden to use free or charge, although some require you to reserve tables or space, making it very simple to plan an afternoon with the family or an impromptu lounge session with friends. We have chosen what we think are the five best picnic spots in Ottawa for your picnicking pleasure.

###Long Island Locks

Where: Nicoll’s Island Road, Riverside South

What: This popular picnic area lie at the top and bottom of three locks along the Rideau Canal. With plenty of trees, a wooden fishing dock, picnic tables, and the Canal, it is a lovely setting for a day outdoors. The area also has public toilets and paid parking.

###Petrie Island

Where: Trim Road, Orleans

What: This beautiful island park has two beautiful beaches on the Ottawa River, a large picnic area with 30 tales, a large firepit, ample space to play, nature trails to explore many birds and amphibians, and change rooms so you can towel off after a swim or boating.

###Pink Lake

Where: Promenade de la Gatineau, Gatineau Park

What: This prime picnic area is historically a favourite amongst locals. Although, there are no picnic tables, there is plenty of free parking, so you can pack up your lawn chairs or blankets, and everything you need to set up for a day of lounging and dining by the turquoise-coloured Pink Lake. A trail that runs the perimeter of the lake is perfect for long walks.

###Rideau Falls

Where: 50 Sussex Drive and Stanley Avenue, New Edinburgh, Ottawa

What: If you are looking for a great picnic spot in the heart of the city, this is it. What could be more beautiful than not one but two waterfalls emptying into the Ottawa River as you picnic in the grassy areas. The park is often quiet because it is only accessible on foot with no parking nearby. Take advantage and head there on your lunch for a little peace.

###Watson’s Mill

Where: 5525 Dickinson Street, Manotick

What: Located on the west channel of the Rideau River in a charming village historic village, Watson’s Mill offers picturesque picnicking alongside an industrial heritage site with a sawmill and a bridge and boats passing by to serve up a romantic scene for a picnic for two.