Sixteen Mile Creek Northern Limit of Carolinian Forest Habitat

##Sixteen Mile Creek Northern Limit of Carolinian Forest Habitat

Sixteen Mile Creek flows from the Niagara Escarpment through the towns of Milton and Oakville. It covers 357 square kilometres of land before emptying into Lake Ontario on the shores of Oakville. It has two tributaries, East Sixteen Mile Creek and Middle Sixteen Mile Creek.

The Sixteen Mile Creek is located on the northern limit of the Carolinian forest habitat zone. Trees found here include various species of ash, birch, chestnut, hickory, oak and walnut, though not in large numbers. The valley cut by the Creek is home to whitetail deer, raccoons, foxes, opossum, and squirrels. In Oakville, the Creek forms part of the Glen Abbey Golf Course, and is home to the Oakville Yacht Squadron. Located close along the banks are Sixteen Mile Creek Trail and Sixteen Mil Sports Complex.

###Glen Abbey Golf Course

Where: 1333 Dorval Drive, Oakville, ON L6M 4G2

What: The world-famous golf club has a spectacular clubhouse facility, year-round dining, banquet, meeting and seminar rooms, and is the headquarters of Golf Canada and the Canadian Golf Museum and Hall of Fame.

When: See website for specifics

###Oakville Yacht Squadron

Where: 97 Forsythe St, Oakville, ON

What: A family sailing club that offers a wide range of activities from sailing lessons to club cruises, racing and more for every type of sailor.

When: Events held year-round; see website for details

###Sixteen Mile Creek Trail

Where: Dundas Street via Sixteen Mile Creek Trail to Upper Middle Road – 2.5 km; Upper Middle Road via Sixteen Mile Creek Trail to Cornwall Road – 4.0 km; Cornwall Road via Sixteen Mile Creek Trail to Waterfront Trail – 2.0 km

What: The Sixteen Mile Creek Trail is 8.5 km of trail for walking, hiking, off-road cycling, and skiing that runs through the centre of Oakville from either side of Oakville Harbour to Dundas Street at Lions Valley Park.

When: Daily, year-round

###Sixteen Mile Sports Complex

Where: 3070 Neyagawa Boulevard

What: Sixteen Mile Sports Complex is a state-of-the-art quad pad arena in the city of Oakville. This fully-accessible facility features one Olympic-sized ice pad with seamless glass and seating for 1,500 spectators, three NHL-sized ice pads, 20 change rooms, two community rooms, and two practice pads.

When: Monday to Sunday, 6 am to midnight