Treego Aerial Adventure Course - Centennial Park

##Treego Aerial Adventure Course - Centennial Park

TreeGO would be described as a high rope courses adventure. The aerial adventure tree to tree courses offer a diverse and exciting experience within the comfort of knowing you're attached to continuous safety cables. No matter what your age or fitness level, our courses are designed for your pleasure in a unique outdoor environment.

TreeGO parks usually have 4 or 5 treetop courses for adult/junior and 1 or 2 children courses with 70 to 100 games as ladders, nets, swings, barrels, footbridges, surf, Tarzan`s jump, zip lines made of wood, rope and wire. A training session is given by qualified guides before starting the adventure. You'll be fitted into your harness and your guide will show you how to attach yourself to safety lines and zip lines. This gives you the knowledge and guidelines to self-manage the simple equipment designed for your personal safety. You must demonstrate the ability to use the equipment properly before you can progress from the demonstration area. Once your guide deems that you can safely use your equipment, you'll be able to proceed onto a course.

Park forests are filled with laughter! Go TreeGO and ""Find Your Monkey"" today.

Experience the thrill, fun and exhilaration of our TreeGO parks, TreeGO`s unique aerial adventure in the forest!