Moncton Hospitals

Moncton Hospitals

Whether we are traveling for work or pleasure visiting a new city is exciting. We research the city’s restaurants, cafes, tourist sites and parks. But there are a few mundane things that we should investigate before we reach our destination. Where is the grocery store? How does the local transit system work? And quite likely, the most important question, where is the hospital? So you are coming to Moncton and you need to know where the hospitals are. Below you will find a list of the Moncton area hospitals. At the bottom of the page you will find a Google Map with the hospitals highlighted with a red cross.

###Dr. Georges – L. – Dumont University Hospital Centre

The Dr. Georges-L.-Dumont University Hospital Centre is the main component of the Beauséjour Zone of the Vitalité Health Network. This 302-bed hospital provides primary, specialized and tertiary (more complex) health care services, with the support of leading edge technology, in the official language of the patient’s choice. A 45-bed lodge is open to cancer patients from outside the Moncton area.

The Dr. Georges-L.-Dumont University Hospital Centre is a provincial referral centre for its specialized services. As a teaching and research facility, the hospital nurtures close partnerships with universities and colleges in the country.

More than 180 doctors, 2000 employees and 315 volunteers work in the The Dr. Georges-L.-Dumont University Hospital Centre.

330 Université Avenue, Moncton, NB, E1C 2Z3

(506) 862-4000

###The Moncton Hospital

The Moncton Hospital is a Maritime referral destination for acute and trauma cases, covering New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and northern Nova Scotia. As well, the hospital provides family practice and medical and surgical sub-specialties; this includes neurosurgery, medical oncology, interventional radiology, and Women and Children’s services (including Neonatal Intensive Care).

The Provincial Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Unit are located within The Moncton Hospital. The Moncton Hospital is a site for the Dalhousie Medical Education Program as well as the Northumberland Centre for Medical Education and Research.

135 MacBeath Avenue, Moncton, NB, E1C 6Z8

(506) 857-5111