Where to Get the Best Ice Cream in Mississauga

##Where to Get the Best Ice Cream in Mississauga

If you are wondering where to get the best ice cream in Mississauga, the city is home to some of the most legendary ice cream shops in the country. Most of them seem to be located in Port Credit. Take Dairy Cream for instance; established in 1958, and lined up ever since, this Lakeshore and Cawthra Road parlour is a summer must for most residents of Mississauga. Head there on your birthday with identification to receive a free cone, or indulge in funnel cakes topped with your favourite ice cream flavours. Expect to wait in line on a nice summer day, but it is well worth it. If you just can’t wait, you can always head down the street to find Scoops and Dairy King.

For those in Mississauga North, never fear, Streetsville is home to Murphy’s Ice Cream Parlour. In addition to being located in a beautiful little town, they have an amazing selection of soft serve ice cream, hard ice cream, slushies, cakes, frozen yogurt, sundaes and Italian gelato.

There are also plenty of old standards like Baskin Robbins, home of 31 flavours; and Dairy Queen, the undisputed Blizzard champion. Whether you like soft serve or classic style ice cream, you know what to expect from these big players. With five Baskin Robbins and three Dairy Queen locations in Mississauga, you are never too far from your next frozen treat in Mississauga.


377 Burnhamthorpe Rd E

Mississauga, Ontario

(905) 276-6986

(Plus 4 more locations)

###Caffe Demetre

90 CourtneyPark Drive East

Mississauga, Ontario

(905) 564-7977

###Cold Stone Creamery

800 Bancroft Dr

Mississauga, Ontario

(905) 286-9780

###Cold Stone Creamery - Lakeshore

1785 Lakeshore Road West

Mississauga, Ontario

(905) 855-5068

###Dairy Cream

715 Lakeshore Rd E

Mississauga, Ontario

(905) 278-5641

###Marble Slab Creamery

5955 Latimer Dr

Mississauga, Ontario

(905) 814-0007

###Murphy's Ice Cream Parlor 9 Main St

Mississauga, Ontario

(905) 826-8755

###Richard's fine Chocolates

25 Helene St. N

Mississauga, Ontario

(905) 271-0544

###Sammy's Burger & Ice Cream

1151 Dundas Street W

Mississauga, Ontario

(905) 277-8772

###Scoops Ice Cream

82 Lakeshore Road E

Mississauga, Ontario

(905) 278-2653