Kitchener’s Indoor Public Pools Offer a Variety of Programs for City Residents

Indoor swimming pools offer a great way to stay active and have fun year round. The city of Kitchener operates 4 indoor swimming pools, and there are another 5 independently run. Each facility has a variety of offerings from drop-in classes, free public swims and aquatic fitness classes, hydrotherapy, and swim programs to meet the needs to Kitchener residents of all ages and abilities.

Swimming is a great all-round activity that improves heart health, and muscle tone and flexibility, builds endurance, increases circulation, improves coordination and balance, and helps maintain a healthy body weight. It is a low-impact form of exercise that can be used as therapy for some injuries and conditions. Most importantly, swimming is fun.

Swimming is also a life skill that could save a life. We live, work and play around water, and with extreme weather events on the rise, you never know when strong swimming skills may play a more important role than just making it to the other end of the swimming lane.

Whether you’re looking to swim, learn to swim, train, rehabilitate or just have fun, there is a community pool in a neighbourhood near you in Kitchener. Contact a public pool for schedules and information on how you and your family can get swimming.

Breithaupt Centre 350 Margaret Ave, (519) 741-2502,, Directions

Cameron Heights Collegiate Institute 301 Charles St E, (519) 578-8330,,

Forest Heights Pool 253 Fischer-Hallman Rd, (519) 741-2493,, Directions

Harry Class Pool 45 Woodside Ave, (519) 741-2200, Directions

Idlewood Pool 5 Thaler Ave, (519) 741-2480,, Directions

Kiwanis Park 1000 Kiwanis Park Dr, (519) 745-8133,, Directions

Lyle Hallman Pool 600 Heritage Dr (519) 741-2670, Directions

Moses Springer Community Centre 150 Lincoln Rd (519) 885-4530,

Swimplex 101 Father David Bauer Dr (519) 886-3844, Directions