DIY at a Coin Op Car Wash in Kitchener

##DIY at a Coin Op Car Wash in Kitchener

For real car lovers, washing your car by hand is the only way to go. An automated car wash, while quick and convenient, can miss areas of the body, leave your car wet which leads to spotting, and even scratch your paint job.

If you are a real car lover, or you just like kicking it old school when it comes to taking care of your car, you are probably always on the lookout for a coin operated car wash. You would never even dream of running your car through those automated gas station car washes with the giant rotating brushes and vacuum on wheels that scratch and bump along your exterior.

Never fear. Kitchener has several with multiple bays so that you can wash your car by hand and vacuum the interior to ensure that your car is spotless and scratch free every time. Some car washes have bays for shampooing your pets as well, making it a one-stop wash for Herbie and Fido.

Do it yourself at a coin op car wash in Kitchener.

###Valet Car Wash

1520 Victoria St N

Kitchener, ON

(519) 578-6692

###Cambridge 24 Hour Coin Car Wash

466 Hespeler Rd

Cambridge, ON

(519) 621-9722

###Morris Car Wash

533 King St E

Kitchener, ON

(519) 745-3841

###Valet Car Wash

2396 Eagle St

Cambridge, ON

(519) 650-2492

###Ken-Pro Limited

106 McBrine Pl

Kitchener, ON

(519) 746-7811

###Gold Car Wash

460 Highland Rd W

Kitchener, ON Canada