Best Places to Toboggan In Kitchener Waterloo

Back in the day there was an abundance of snow and lots of fields in the Kitchener Waterloo area which meant lots of places to toboggan. Now with our shortened winters and lots of new neighbourhood developments it seems a little harder to know exactly where those sled hills are.

The first one everyone thinks of is McLennan Park in Kitchener aka Mount Trashmore for those who have lived in Kitchener before it's revamping. Here's a video of my co-workers tobogganing at McLennan Park back in 2010.

I remember when I was young spending a lot of time going down the hill at Gzowski Park in Kitchener although I recall that park has changed over the years as well with the addition of the Victoria Hills Community Centre. Near by there is my Elementary School A.R. Kaufman that had a hill by the soccer field.

If you're willing to spend some cash for a day of downhill tobogganing, there's Chicopee Tube Park, where unlike Miley Cyrus it's NOT about the climb.

In Waterloo, Columbia Lake field by the soccer pitch is a great spot!

I know that there has to be more great places to toboggan in the Kitchener Waterloo area, so I "group-sourced" from our Stuff To Do Facebook Group for some additional places to go tobogganing.

Our readers also mentioned the following places:

Mackenzie King School

Rockway Public School

Howard Roberston School

Dickson Park Cambridge

Medowlane School

Waterloo Park Near Pavillions/Father David Bauer Entrance

Westvale Park and Lakeside Park

Bechtel Park

Grand Valley Golf Course in Doon

Cambridge - Churchill Park

Elgin Street at Munch behind the school

Stanely Park Community Centre