Where to Get Good Brunch Cheap in Edmonton

Where to Get Good Brunch Cheap in Edmonton

Going for brunch with friends is a great alternative to going out for dinner with friends, especially if you are on a budget. Even if you find a restaurant that keeps its mains under $20, the hard to resist alcoholic beverages usually help to rack up a bill that wasn’t fully anticipated at the outset.

Be wary though, the popularity of brunch in a strong foodie community can mean that brunch prices start to rival those of dinner. Add in a few mimosas and you could be left with a midday hangover.

We think you should be able to pay for brunch with the coins in your pocket. Keep your credit card in your wallet. Here is a list of places to get good brunch cheap in Edmonton:

###Barb & Ernie’s Old Country Inn Restaurant

Favourite Dish: Potato pancakes with smoked salmon, capers, onions, lemon and sour cream

Description: German, Breakfast &Brunch

Cost: $$

Location: 9906 72 Ave NW

Phone: (780) 433-3242

###Chez Cora

Favourite Dish: Crêpe filled with bananas and chocolatey-hazelnut spread, with more bananas and chocolatey-hazelnut spread

Description: Breakfast &Brunch

Cost: $$

Location: 2920 Calgary Trail NW

Phone: (780) 465-2672

###Commodore Restaurant

Favourite Dish: French toast with eggs and a side of bacon

Description: Diner

Cost: $

Location: 10712 Jasper Ave NW **

Phone: (780) 423-3954

###District Coffee

Favourite Dish: Breakfast sandwich and cappucino

Description: Cafes, Coffee &Tea

Cost: $

Location: 109 St NW

Phone: (780) 705-7788

###Friends &Neighbors Cafe

Favourite Dish: Eggs benedict

Description: Diner, Coffee &Tea, Asian Fusion

Cost: $

Location: 10834 82 Ave NW

Phone: (780) 433-6506

###Fresh Café &Espresso Bar

Favourite Dish: Fresh fruit tortilla with agave syrup

Description: Cafe

Cost: $

Location: 116th St

Phone: (780) 756-9391

###Hap’s Hungry House

Favourite Dish: Belgian waffles with strawberries and whipped cream

Description: Breakfast &Brunch

Cost: $$

Location: 16060 Stony Plain Rd NW

Phone: (780) 483-2288

###Highlevel Diner

Favourite Dish: Wild blueberry buttermilk pancakes and a pear spritzer

Description: Breakfast &Brunch, American (Traditional)

Cost: $$

Location: 10912 88 Ave NW

Phone: (780) 433-0993

###Rockin’ Robyn’s Diner

Favourite Dish: Cinnamon roll French toast with icing sugar and a side of bacon

Description: Diner

Cost: $

Location: 16604- 109 Ave

Phone: (780) 756-5656

###Route 99 Diner

Favourite Dish: Steak and two fried eggs with hash browns and toast

Description: Diner

Cost: $$

Location: 8820 99 St NW

Phone: (780) 432-0968