Five Best Ice Cream Shops in Calgary

Five Best Ice Cream Shops in Calgary

Not all ice cream is created equal. There are many factors that go into creating the perfect ice cream. It starts with the freshest ingredients, like cream and egg yolks ‒ unless you are of the school of cream only purists. It ends with spices, fruits, vegetables and even meat to give your ice cream the desired flavour. Regardless of what you add to the mix, the better the quality of ingredients, the better the end result.

Good old fashioned ice cream does not require any special equipment. In fact, you can make it at home with a mixer and a freezer. The joy of getting your ice cream from one of the five best ice cream shops in Calgary comes from their commitment to quality and selection of flavours. When you have the whole gang in tow, it is nice for everyone to be able to select their favourite cone and flavours.

We love that you can also get sugar-free and lactose-free ice cream at several shops, plus the dairy-free sorbets. It makes it easy to include everyone regardless of their dietary restrictions. Whether you are the classic vanilla kind or you prefer something a little more exotic like green tea ice cream, one of the five best ice cream shops in Calgary is the best place to get it.

###Amato Gelato Café

7 2104 Kensington Rd NW

Calgary, AB

(403) 270-9733

104, 255 28 St, SE

Calgary, AB

(403) 264-3030

###Leavitt’s Ice Cream Shoppe

3410 - 3 Ave NW

Calgary, AB

(403) 283-3578


220 1 St W

Cochrane, AB

(403) 932-2455

###My Favourite Ice Cream Shoppe

2048 42 Ave SW

Calgary, AB

(403) 287-3838

1114, 8561 8A Ave SW

Calgary, AB

(403) 234-7100

###Village Ice Cream

431 10 Ave SE

Calgary, AB

(403) 261-7950