Where to Get Your Clothes Dry Cleaned in Burlington

Looking for a good place to get your clothes dry cleaned in Burlington? You have no shortage of options. We recommend considering a few factors in order to determine who can do the best job on your clothes, including convenience.

Are they located near your home, office or another area that you visit frequently? If not, it may become more of a nuisance and clothes will get left behind for weeks or months at a time.

Do they have a good reputation? You can check online reviews, or ask people in the nieghbourhood if they have used them.

Check how do their prices compare to the competitors and make sure you can afford it and feel comfortable with the rates. And, lastly, make sure the cleaner is using products and processes that meet your expectations for health, safety and environmental friendliness.

Whether you have spilled red wine on your favourite shirt, need a suit cleaned and pressed for a special occasion or just hate doing laundry, knowing where to find a dry cleaner to trust with your finery is important.

Here is a list of a few Burlington area dry cleaners to help start your hunt:

Aldershot Dry Cleaners 355 Plains Rd E (905) 634-0300 Directions

Brantview Cleaners 901 Brant St (905) 637-7233 Directions

C Pioneer Cleaners 770 Guelph Line (905) 632-7700 Directions

Carlisle Dry Cleaners 2201 Brant St (905) 335-9311 Directions

Clothing Care Dry Cleaners 2025 Upper Middle Rd (905) 335-3135 Directions

Deeba dry cleaner & alteration 511 Plains Rd E (905) 635-2607 Directions

Factory Outlet Dry Cleaners 710 Cumberland Ave (905) 637-0553 Directions

Glesgo Dry Cleaners 1940 Appleby Line (905) 336-3187 glesgo.ca Directions

Guelph Line & New Street Laundromat/Dry Cleaners 2421 New St #9 (905) 510-0610 Directions

Guelph Line Dry Cleaner 2025 Guelph Line (905) 336-1666 Directions

Langley Parisian 1009 King St W (905) 527-1607

London Cleaners 2505 Upper Middle Rd (905) 335-4949 londoncleaners.ca Directions

Lyn's Cleaners 1035 Brant St (905) 633-4848 Directions

Meena Cleaners 195 Plains Rd E (905) 333-4411 meenacleaners.ca Directions

New Way Dry Cleaners 5291 Lakeshore Rd (905) 639-1234 Directions

One Price Dry Cleaners 2041 Mt Forest Dr (905) 335-0064 Directions

Parkers of Burlington 480 Guelph Line (905) 634-2363 parkersofburlington.com Directions

Polar White Drycleaners 2500 Appleby Line (905) 315-9995 Directions

Raymond Custom Cleaners 5291 Lakeshore Rd #2 (647) 961-7767 Directions

Raymond Custom Cleaners 2441 Lakeshore Rd W (905) 469-5900 Directions

Sketchley Cleaners 1505 Guelph Line (905) 336-2454 Directions

Spotless Dry Cleaners 1250 Brant St (905) 331-0036 spotlessdrycleaners.com Directions

Spotless Dry Cleaners 3500 Dundas St (905) 332-8713 spotlessdrycleaners.com Directions

Spotless Dry Cleaners 1900 Walkers Line (905) 331-1118 spotlessdrycleaners.com Directions

Spotless Dry Cleaners 495 Walkers Line (905) 333-5619 spotlessdrycleaners.com Directions

Spotless Dry Cleaners 2080 Appleby Line (905) 319-8190 spotlessdrycleaners.com Directions

Spotless Dry Cleaners 450 Appleby Line (905) 632-5367 spotlessdrycleaners.com Directions

Spotless Dry Cleaners Head Office 5100 S Service Rd (905) 333-6210 spotlessdrycleaners.com Directions

Stitch Plus Clean 2180 Itabashi Way (905) 319-1101 Directions

The Dry Cleaner Appleby Village 5111 New St (905) 333-9738 thedrycleaner.com Directions

Touch Of Class Dry Cleaning 2304 Lakeshore Rd W (905) 469-1832 Directions

Zorro Dry Cleaners 1286 Ontario St (905) 634-1402 Directions

Zorro Dry Cleaners 5010 Pinedale Avenue, Unit 108 (905) 634-5261 Directions