Explore Moncton

Moncton is a city in the province New Brunswick, located in the southeastern part of the province. It is a bustling city known for its vibrant cultural scene, rich history, and diverse economy. The city is home to several cultural institutions, including the Moncton Museum and the Capitol Theatre, and is a hub for the local arts and cultural community. Moncton is also surrounded by natural beauty, including the Petitcodiac River and nearby parks and trails, and is a popular destination for outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking, and fishing. Additionally, Moncton is an important center of commerce, with a thriving economy and a range of business and trade opportunities, particularly in the fields of technology and transportation. Here are great things to see and do in Moncton:

  1. Visit Magnetic Hill Zoo, a popular tourist attraction where locals and tourists get to experience animals from around the world.
  2. Take a drive to see the highest tides in the world at Hopewell Rocks in The Bay of Fundy. Walk on the oceans floor, but do not stay too long! The tide will rise!
  3. Visit the Magic Mountain Water Park, a water park featuring a range of attractions and activities for all ages.
  4. Drive, walk, hike, bike, and relax along the Fundy Trail Parkway. Visit many of the breathtaking views from the many observation decks and lookouts.
  5. Take a stroll in Centennial Park, a large urban park featuring walking paths, picnic areas, and playgrounds. Also try out the challenging Tree-Go if you want to get physical!
  6. See a performance at the Capitol Theatre, a historic venue for theater and live performances.
  7. Walk along the Riverfront Trail, a scenic pathway along the Petitcodiac River. Witness the growing Tidal Bore - 2 times daily.
  8. Catch a hockey game, basketball game, or concert at the newest indoor arena, located in the heart of downtown Moncton at The Avenir Centre.
  9. Attend a concert at the Moncton Coliseum, a large venue for live events, concerts, and sporting events.
  10. Take a break and spend some time with the Butterflies at Butterfly World and The Board Walk. Here you can play a round of Mini Putt Golf or even have some fun on the Water Bumper Cars. There is also Batting Cages, Driving Range, Go Karts, and Ice Cream!

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