Family with their dog smiling in a pet-friendly short term rental home Family with their dog smiling in a pet-friendly short term rental home

Keep the
Family Together

At Premiere Suites we understand how much worry can be alleviated when your pet is able to join you while you’re away for an extended stay. That’s why we extend pet-friendly apartment rentals wherever possible.

We do encounter a variety of rules and guidelines around pets with the short-term rentals in our portfolio, but rest assured that our team of community specialists is here to help you find an accommodation for everyone in the family.

Traveling with pets

It can bring peace of mind to bring your pets with you on your trip, but it’s not always easy. Here are some useful tips for traveling with your pets:

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Consider what’s best for your pet.

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Get any vaccinations that may be required.

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Get a Pet Alert Emergency Information Kit.

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Purchase a kennel that has room for your pet to turn around and stand in without hitting its head.

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Spend some time getting the animal used to being in the carrier.

Check the “Tips for Traveling with Pets” article from Book Mund for more >

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Traveling by Road

Keep in mind that pets can sometimes get restless and behave in ways that might not be safe while you’re driving. Be sure to select a route that allows for potty breaks and exercise. And it really can help to take some practice drives before longer road trips.

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Traveling by Air

It’s important to do some research into the rules around bringing pets on a plane before your trip. Some airlines allow pets inside the cabin, while others require them to travel as cargo in the hold. Airlines also have different crate requirements, like a solid roof and affixed food and water dishes. Make sure to reach out to your airline before your flight to make the trip as smooth as possible.

Click here to see Air Canada’s kennel requirements >
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Cleaning Support

At Premiere Suites, we offer complimentary bi-weekly housekeeping services in all our short-term rentals. We will make sure to provide the cleaning schedule in advance to let you plan ahead. We suggest that you bring a crate for your pet so they have a safe and comfortable place to stay while we clean your suite, especially if they are skittish.

Please also note that a one-time pet sanitation fee is applied.
Couple with dog unpacking in rental suite Couple with dog unpacking in rental suite

Get in touch with one of our community specialists who will be pleased to find the appropriate home away from home, for you, and your four-legged companion.

Premiere Suites is Canada's largest provider of extended stay executive suites, boasting several spectacular, pet friendly apartment rentals and condo rentals.

Whether you’re in need of a pet-friendly apartment rental for you extended stay or looking for short term rentals - our team of dedicated community experts are here to determine the pet friendly apartment rental that best suit your needs.