Thinking about moving to Canada from the US?

Posted on Friday, March 05 2021

More and more people are moving to Canada from the US.

For US citizens or US permanent residents - moving to Canada is an increasingly desirable option, especially for those looking for a fresh start and new opportunities- without having to travel too far.

In fact, Canada’s welcoming more than 1-million immigrants by 2022 to live and work in a country that puts diversity, equality, and its people first.

What about Covid?

Canada ranks amongst the safest in the world for Covid-19

A recent report by Deep Knowledge Group assessing the safety of 200 countries and regions around the world when it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic, ranked Canada as the 12th safest country in the world, describing Canada as an “exceptional outlier” in North America in its response to the pandemic, and the only country in the Americas to rank in the top 20. The United States came in at #58.

It’s a truly beautiful place to live

From BC’s mountains, to PEI’s coastal views, to Montreal’s historic buildings, there’s no shortage of places to visit and natural wonders to enjoy from coast to coast. And while Canada may not exactly be known for its warm weather beaches, the summer’s do actually get steamy and there’s over 200,000 kilometres of beautiful coastal scenery to enjoy when it does.

Canada’s tech industry is growing rapidly

The need for tech professionals continues to boom. Government support and investment in Canada’s tech industry is strong, with grants and other tools available to help Canadian startups, where Canada is rapidly becoming a destination of choice for employers seeking skilled tech talent. Toronto gets a lot of attention for its plentiful tech talent (Shopify, Salesforce and Facebook have offices), but it’s far from alone. Montreal quietly established itself as an epicentre for innovation in AI and game development, Vancouver and Calgary are drivers for innovation in clean tech, while the Atlantic provinces are driving world-renown accolades through the Ocean Supercluster initiative.

How to Move to Canada From the USA?

It’s easier to move from one first-world country to another, especially if that country is literally your neighbour. And while there are many differences between Canadians and Americans, like affordable healthcare, cheaper education, a love of hockey, and two official languages (English & French) you won’t feel like a fish out of water.

Canada also offers more than 80 visa and immigration programs to achieve permanent residency in Canada.

Each immigration program has its own eligibility requirements that must be satisfied and application processes that must be followed. For more information visit

How should I find housing?

Unless you’re already familiar with a city and neighbourhood, that you can see yourself living and thriving in for the long haul, it’s probably best to give yourself some time to embrace your options. Will you work from home? What will the commute be like to the office? Are you looking for the hustle and bustle of the city? Or maybe a home in the suburbs?

This is why thousands have chosen Premiere Suites to support their relocation. With spacious and fully furnished condominiums and townhomes located in 38 cities across Canada, the choice is truly yours. Where all of our short term rentals are located in high demand, central locations, you’ll be free to explore, familiarize yourself with the neighborhood and rest easy knowing that you’ll come back home to a fully equipped kitchen, with in-suite laundry and spacious living areas. And if you’re travelling with your four-legged companion, Premiere Suites has pet-friendly short term rental options too.

Wherever in Canada you choose to call your temporary home – call Premiere Suites. Canada’s largest provider of fully furnished temporary residences with over 1,300 spacious and spectacular short term rentals from coast to coast.


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