Long-Term Stays for Medical Travelling

Posted on Wednesday, March 13 2024

Premiere Suites Medical Hotel Stay

Long-Term Stays for Medical Travelling

Travelling across Canada to reach medical specialists is often necessary due to the country's vast size and distribution of healthcare resources.

Obtaining specialized medical care poses a significant challenge for many Canadians, especially those in rural or remote regions. Patients often face the daunting task of travelling considerable distances to consult with specialists, necessitating long drives or flights, depending on the specialist's location. Factor in the financial expenses associated with travel and the emotional strain of being away from home, and it becomes evident why this period can be exceptionally arduous for individuals and their families.

Canadian Medical Specialist Shortage

According to the Angus Reid Institute, approximately half of all Canadians need help finding a doctor or getting a timely appointment with their current doctor. The physician shortage is expected to be even more acute in just five years' time. Federal data suggests Canada will be short some 44,000 doctors.

Many places across Canada are finding themselves falling short in meeting demand for medical specialist services. Interior hospitals in British Columbia have been facing OBGYN shortages for months, forcing patients with higher-risk pregnancies to be transferred to other locations.

This shortage can be seen in all aspects of the medical industry, even in lesser-known but vital roles such as medical laboratory technologists (MLTs) and radiology technicians (RTs). More than 1,500 Saskatchewan residents have been waiting for more than 90 days for computerized tomography (CT) scans.

The impact on Canadians can be seen in the rising need to travel for medical specialist appointments. When your town or city lacks the medical professionals to treat you, travelling for hours to the next possible location becomes necessary.

Premiere Suites Medical Longterm Stay

Premiere Suites Long-Term Accommodations

When facing the need to travel for medical visits, especially for extended periods, finding suitable long-term hotel accommodations becomes essential. These stays can provide a comfortable and convenient temporary home away from home, offering amenities and services tailored to meet the needs of travellers seeking both comfort and practicality during their medical journey.

Whether you're undergoing treatment, accompanying a loved one, or attending regular appointments, long-term hotel stays offer a reassuring sense of stability amidst the uncertainties of medical travel.

A company like Premiere Suites provides long-term accommodations with amenities such as fully equipped kitchens, spacious living areas, and on-site laundry facilities, so you can maintain a sense of normalcy and independence during your stay, making the journey more manageable and less disruptive.

Explore our benefits at Premiere Suites Temporary Housing Solutions and experience peace of mind with a reliable home away from home choice. Your journey to a dependable and nurturing home base begins with us – choose Premiere Suites.


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