Business Accommodation Trends are Changing

Posted on Tuesday, January 21 2020

A Hipmunk Survey on millennial travel found that 74% of millennials have stayed at a vacation rental (such as those available through Airbnb) on a business trip, an experience shared by just 38% of Generation X and 20% of boomers.

The idea of staying in a short-term rental apartment for work, would have been completely foreign 10-15 years ago. Be warned however, as this new trend is ushering along with it, a new set of challenges – some of which are getting employees, and their employers into some unwanted hot water.

"I want to travel for work, I really do. I just don't want to have to stay in a hotel and give up my lifestyle while I'm doing it."
        - J. Williamson

Safety & Productivity Come First

Even if a business traveller finds a fantastic deal with an Airbnb, they still might find their hands being slapped for breaching company policy.

We’ve all heard the nightmare stories, of Airbnb bookings, from fraudulent bookings, to double bookings, mis-representation of cleanliness & amenities, and the lack of accountability should something go wrong; like a burst pipe – and this is where the real concern arises for employers and booking agents who value the safety and security of their employees above the opportunity to save a few dollars here and there.

“You just can’t take that kind of risk when you’re approving travel accommodations for your employees”

– G. Eveleigh, HR Director

Executive Suites, Always

When you book with Premiere Suites, you’re effectively eliminating the unknowns, as you are guaranteed a temporary home that boasts the professional accreditations and maintenance of a hotel room, with the local access of an Airbnb - part of the reason why Fortune 500 companies have been parterning with Premiere Suites for over 20 years.

With professional design and furnishing services, you can expect a consistent, accommodating experience and a top quality living space, every time.


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