Best Things About Living in Quebec in 2022

Posted on Thursday, August 04 2022

Quebec is characterized by a distinctive culture that represents a compelling side of Canada. As a province that’s deeply rooted in its French heritage, it offers a one-of-a-kind cultural blend that can’t be lived anywhere else. You also get to experience an abundance of scenic landscapes, four bona fide seasons throughout the year and a fascinating history and arts scene. At the same time, Quebec is very practical and economical in terms of the living conditions it affords. It gives you the best of all worlds, where you can enrich your soul and mind through its rich culture while also finding it a viable place to create a home.

1. Quebec City: A Safe Place to Live and Visit

Quebec city Skyline


Quebec City has one of the lowest crime rates in North America. It was also named the safest metropolitan area in Canada to have a family and raise children. According to residents, Quebec City averages 94.16% for safe walking alone during daylight and 85.41% for safe walking alone during the night.

There is usually considerable apprehension when it comes to moving to metropolitan cities since crime rates are expectedly higher than in smaller towns and suburban-heavy cities. With Quebec City, you won’t feel like you have to choose between enjoying vibrant city life and living in a safe, family-friendly area. It offers the spirited and lively life of a true city while still giving you the peace of mind to enjoy it safely for you and your family.

2. The Charm of Rural Life

Deer in a field at dusk, Boucherville QC


The fast pace of metropolitan life is certainly not for everyone, and Quebec offers plenty of escape options from all the hustle and bustle to enjoy a calmer, more meditative lifestyle. The rural areas of Quebec all have their unique sensibilities that cater to different activities and interests. Eastern Townships have alluring pastures and hills for relaxing getaways, Bas-Saint-Laurent is known for its fishing activities, and the Côte-Nord region is a dream destination for snowmobile enthusiasts. Boucherville’s proximity to Îles-de-Boucherville National Park, Oka National Park, and Yamaska National Park also makes it a popular attraction.

3. Quebec City: For culture and arts


Quebec City’s French panache gives it a magical vibe that is a drastic and welcomed departure from any North American city. Visitors often feel transported to a French village once they arrive in Old Quebec as they relish all the historic buildings, cobblestone streets, shopping and numerous dining spots. History lovers will especially be delighted to check the village of Old Quebec, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its spellbinding architecture that’s been retained for over 400 years. Chateau Frontenac, a historic hotel that looks across the St. Lawrence River and sits atop Old Quebec, is a must-visit. Shopping lovers are also sure to enjoy Petit-Champlain, one of the oldest shopping streets on the continent.

A slew of festivals happens throughout the year in Quebec, including the Winter Carnival, the Summer Festival and the New France Festival. The latter, more commonly known as Les Fêtes de la Nouvelle-France TD, is planned to be particularly special this year, celebrating its “25th anniversary with 3 neighbourhoods, 3 major achievements and 3 quests.”

4. Montreal: Food and Fun

Family Dinner at Montreal


If cities of the world were ever in contention for being the most fun, Montreal would be the city to beat. With its electric nightlife, diverse neighbourhoods, an incredible roster of festivals and a globally renowned restaurant scene, living in Montreal is a thrill to all senses. The city is also a genuine melting pot of cultures and backgrounds. Its high student population gives it a certain kind of energy that keeps it constantly alive and buzzing.


5. Reliable Transportation Infrastructure

Urban Public Transport Bus in Montreal


Quebec is equipped with plenty of transportation options for different budgets, commute situations and preferences. Outdoor and eco-friendly enthusiasts will enjoy the numerous biking pathways in the province. You will always find Quebecers enjoying a breezy bike ride during Quebec’s hot summers as they soak up the province’s soulful summer vibes. The bus networks and trains are also well-developed to take you in and out of cities and within most neighbourhoods. The Orléans Express bus offers hourly service every day to Montreal from Quebec City as well as frequent service to other cities in the province. Intercar also links Quebec City to the Saguenay, Lac-Saint-Jean, Charlevoix and North Coast regions.


6. Quebec’s Financial System

Skyscrapers with blue glass windows


There are plenty of banking options in Quebec for you to manage your finances. As with any city, you will need a bank account to finance your lifestyle and go about your daily activities. Whether you are moving from outside or inside Canada, you will find plenty of banks and credit unions suited to your lifestyle and that can accommodate your previous banking history.


Credit unions are a great option for newcomers as you can open an account before arriving in Quebec. The credit conditions are also flexible and can be adapted to your circumstances. Moreover, for immigrants coming from abroad, there are programs available that are geared toward education on Canada’s financial system.

7. Free Healthcare

Universal and free healthcare system


An outstanding perk that residents of Quebec get to enjoy is free and universal access to healthcare. It is covered by the plan administered by Quebec’s health insurance board (Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec/RAMQ) and is eligible to all residents.


The plan covers almost all medically necessary care provided by a family doctor, general practitioner or specialist. Not all healthcare practitioners are part of this healthcare plan, so residents must make sure to check before sourcing their services to avoid out-of-pocket costs.

8. Affordable Cost of Living


The cost of living in Quebec is affordable on several fronts. The cost of residential electricity in Quebec is the lowest in Canada and is even considered to be the lowest in all of North America. Education in Quebec is also the most affordable in the country. Quebec residents pay the lowest average tuition rate in Canada at only $3,374 for the year. The housing market is extremely stable as well, with real estate and housing rental prices considered low across urban and rural areas.


And with essential healthcare free of charge, you can see the potential of savings Quebecers qualify for.

9. A Lifestyle That Honours Diversity and a Zest for Life

Woman tourist cycling in Quebec city


Quebec’s history bore witness to an enduring heritage of cultural exchange from the First Nations to the French, English, Scottish and Irish settlers. This cultural dynamism lives on to this day, as its ethnic population is comprised of African Americans, Arabs, Latin Americans, Aboriginals, South Asians, Chinese, and Southeast Asian, among many others. Diversity and multiculturalism are literally in the province’s DNA. Quebec proudly nurtures values that promote respect and enthusiasm for individuality, while also harnessing its collective power of inclusion.


The contrasting climate in Quebec contributes to a multitude of activities that make the most out of any time of year. World-class winter activities such as hurtling down a toboggan slide (right in the middle of Quebec City downtown!), relaxing at a Scandinavian spa and hitting slopes at one of the many ski resorts in the province are widely accessible. Then during summer, it’s an endless parade of festivals, street parties and outdoor adventures.


Prepare to live life to the fullest every day of the year in Quebec. Its location also lends to quick getaways in fantastic cities nearby such as Toronto, Ottawa, New York and Boston, to name a few.


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