8 Tips for Planning Your Corporate Stay in Calgary

Posted on Wednesday, August 31 2022

Calgary is one of the most up-and-coming cities in Canada thanks to its largely young demographic who are thriving in its booming economy and an ecosystem fostering entrepreneurship. Arguably regarded as Canada’s epicentre of the oil and gas industry, it witnesses a lot of business traffic and serves as a global attraction for energy industry professionals. It also has a very special identity that is different from any part of Canada, with evident rodeo and Western accents that colour the city. A business trip to Calgary would be an experience to remember, and here are some tips for you to make the most of it.

1. Book accommodations ahead of time

Preparation in advance is key. Calgary witnesses huge economic activity with millions of professionals–largely from the energy sector–coming in and out to conduct business. It is one of Canada’s largest cities, but the best options for corporate stays can turn into a challenging hunt. Even outside of business, the “Calgary Stampede” festival during the summer is a huge tourist attraction with people around the world flocking to the city to see cowboys showcasing their talents. Specifically for rentals that are close to Downtown and other corporate-heavy areas, you may struggle to find an ideal location that is convenient and comfortable.

There are plenty of hotels in Calgary for you to choose from, but corporate rentals can be a far wiser choice for long-term stays. They are more economic, better accommodate working professionals and offer a multitude of amenities.

2. Choose your accommodations wisely

As a newcomer to the city or even just visiting, it is far more convenient to choose a location that is close to work and located strategically enough so you can experience some of the city’s liveliness. You don’t want to spend too much time researching ways to get to all the cool spots when you are still adapting to a new environment and the main goal of your trip is business. You may not also have a car immediately or at all, so going for a corporate rental in the vicinity of everything you want to experience would be the wisest choice to make.

3. Pack light and pack smart

Pack light to make room for warm outerwear. The hassle of hauling lots of bags and belongings is never pleasant, so go for minimalism by packing just the essentials. Plan your outfits ahead of time, make sure you packed enough jumpers and jackets, and keep it practical. The less clutter, the more peace of mind. Remember, you are in a new city and trying to assimilate to it and experience the most out of it, so don’t let anything else cloud that goal.

For international travellers in particular, it is particularly important to bring power adapters so you are not faced with the dilemma of any of your electronics not plugging in. It happens more often than you think and can turn into a headache, so make sure you are prepared.

4. Public transportation

Calgary has a very convenient and practical public transit system that you can rely on to get around the city. Even starting from arriving at the Calgary airport, you can use it to get to Downtown and other locations. The C-train–Calgary transit train–also operates a “fare-free zone” Downtown for you to move around for free until you find your anchor.

You can always plan by checking the Calgary Transit itinerary planner.

5. You can always find a taxi

If all else fails and you want to keep it simple, you can just hail a cab. They are easily accessible at all the main attractions and city landmarks. You can also contact them to come to your location. Here are some of the companies and their phone numbers:

Rideshare apps such as Uber and Lyft are also available, so you have that option to explore as well.

6. Prepare for the weather

Make sure to check the weather forecast and prepare accordingly. It determines everything in what you want to pack and what activities to plan in the city. Tourism is at its peak in the summer around the time of the Calgary Stampede, and that’s when accommodation can become competitive.

Calgary averages temperatures from -11°C in winter to 24°C in summer. It’s the coldest between October and May, and the winters are freezing and snowing. Rain is scarce, so no need to worry about dampness.

The summers are comfortable, but always prepare for cold, breezy nights and pack warm outerwear regardless of when you’re heading there.

7. Plus15

The winters in Calgary can be harsh, and the city has infrastructure that is perfectly suited for that. This namely includes the Plus15 pedestrian system that vastly facilitates getting around Downtown Calgary. Standing 15 feet above street level, this climate-controlled network of walkways connects companies, parking lots and shopping districts Downtown.

Plus15 spares you from having to walk in the blistering cold. It is a relief to many people, especially if you’re coming from a warmer part of the world and not used to freezing temperatures.

8. Explore the outdoors and city life

Your trip to Calgary doesn’t have to be all about business–the city has a lot to offer in terms of fun and adventure! There are plenty of outdoor activities that you can explore while you’re visiting. A globally-renowned attraction is the Banff National Park, dubbed the “Gateway to Canadian Rockies”. The park spans 6,641 square kilometers (2,564 square miles) of mountainous terrain, packed with gorgeously scenic peaks and valleys, glaciers, forests and waterways. It is an experience to behold, so make sure it’s on your agenda.

For a more urban experience, Calgary boasts numerous neighbourhoods that have an endless roster of restaurants, pubs, art shows, festivals and shopping districts.

Best neighbourhoods in Calgary

One of the more urban parts of Calgary is within walking distance of Downtown. This area is perfect for anybody who enjoys vibrant city life, with plenty of bars, restaurants and a rich arts scene. One of the areas worth checking out in Beltline is the District, “a community of tech and design firms, local-famous chef experiences, boutique coffee, and craft beer.” It is home to award-winning restaurants such as Bridgette Bar and Ten Foot Henry, recognized across Canada for their culinary excellence.

East Village
For an even more urban aesthetic characterized by hip eateries and an indie music scene, look no further than East Village, located east of Downtown Calgary. Its demographic is predominantly young professionals who found a home in a neighbourhood that cultivates entrepreneurship and innovation. The brick Simmons Building is home to aspiring culinary stars and inventive dining experiences, while Studio Bell, Home of the National Music Centre, is a cultural landmark for all of Canada. Nature is not too far from East Village, with RiverWalk and St. Patrick’s Island outlining the neighbourhood for some meditative reprieves.

Downtown Calgary
Downtown Calgary is the central hub of all the buzz and energy in Calgary for all those seeking a bona fide city experience. From incredible restaurants and live entertainment to festivals and art galleries, the buzz never lets up. It is home to the Calgary Stampede, widely dubbed as “The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth”. Stephen Avenue is a popular attraction in Downtown Calgary, known for some of Calgary's best restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars. It’s also a shopping paradise for all fashion lovers, providing an eclectic mix of kitschy boutiques and high-end retail. Major shopping centres include The Core Shopping Centre, Bankers Hall, Fashion Central, Scotia Centre, and The Bay department store.

Perhaps the quirkiest neighbourhood in Calgary with tons of character. The oldest neighbourhood in Calgary is quite the experience, with everything from nature reserves and history to restaurants and festivals. It is home to Inglewood Bird Sanctuary, the Bow Habitat Station, Inglewood Wildlands Park, and the Sam Livingston Fish Hatchery. The arts scene is ongoing throughout the year, with a repertoire of festivals that keeps you constantly entertained: Music Mile, Jazz YYC, Sunfest, Night Markets, Fringe Festival and Bleak Mid Winter Film Festival.

For all those leaning suburban and prefer somewhere less “city”, Riverbend may be the perfect place for you to stay. It is vastly residential and offers gorgeous views of both the Rocky Mountains and the wooded flood plains. It provides easy access to Bow River with numerous green spaces for recreational and family activities.

The incredible growth that Calgary is witnessing lately makes it a popular destination for professionals and tourists alike. Focus on the goals of your trip, and simplify your housing hunt with the help of Premiere Suites. Premiere Suites is Canada’s most trusted provider of long-term suite rentals, with fully furnished executive suites in all the desired neighbourhoods from coast to coast. Premiere Suites offers an extensive array of furnished condominiums and townhomes that cater to all your lifestyle and budget needs.

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