Vacation Rentals

Discover how a Vacation Home Rental will enhance your stay, while saving you money

Vacations are always an exciting time - a chance to get away from the everyday and immerse yourself in the new.

But we all know that being away from home, comes with many costs – those to your wallet as well as those to your health and lifestyle - as healthy routines become challenging to maintain.

Being on vacation shouldn’t mean sacrificing your lifestyle

How Premiere Suites is different than Airbnb

Much like Airbnb, Premiere Suites extends to our guests, a fully furnished home. The difference is, with Premiere Suites, you’re investing in a secure and professional stay - where all of our properties are private residences, and where you won’t be staying in somebody else’s home.

  • Each of our suites has been professionally designed and furnished to accommodate guests. And you won’t have to share a space with anyone you haven’t invited.
  • All of our short term rentals, corporate rentals and vacation rentals are professionally maintained, and professionally cleaned.
  • All of our properties are insured, accredited and audited by a 3rd party, every single year
  • We offer complimentary bi-weekly housekeeping throughout your stay
  • With Premiere Suites you also benefit directly from over 20 years of experience, duty of care, and 24/7 professional support.
  • You’ll also find clean linens on the beds, and fresh towels in the washroom

This is why extended stay travelers who’ve discovered Premiere Suites for their vacation home rentals, return to Premiere Suites - time and time again.

Reduce the Costs of your next Vacation

Choosing a fully furnished vacation rental empowers you to live like a local – and one thing locals don’t do, is eat-out for all 3 meals of the day. With your fully equipped kitchen you won’t either.

Take advantage of the fact that with a Premiere Suites short term rental, you have your own full sized appliances; including a fridge, freezer, oven, toaster, kettle, dishwasher, pots, pans, dishes and utensils.

Upon arrival, stop into a local grocery store and pick up easy and healthy options for breakfast & snacks, and to prepare lunches for those days where you’ll be on the go.

Why families choose Premiere Suites for their Vacation Home Rental

Travelling with children presents new sets of challenges. They’re young, their wild, they’re free…but they also get dirty, need to eat at specific times, and are at their best when they sleep well and eat healthily. Maintaining a child’s structured lifestyle while on vacation can be a challenge. You want the trip to be fun but having a home-base where the children can rest, where you can re-group, and where you can toss in a quick load of laundry and store meals and snacks for the days ahead - will help the entire family enjoy your time together.

Families also appreciate our spacious living areas, cozy living rooms and designated eating areas – there’s room for everyone to be together but also have their own space. All of our properties also include free wifi and cable, empowering those that need to connect with the office, with friends, or just want to enjoy their favorite Amazon or Netflix shows.

Ask our concierge about our cribs, playpens and toys.

Pack Less and Save More with In-Suite Laundry

All Premiere Suites vacation rentals feature an in-suite laundry unit, or on-premise laundry facilities so you won’t need to pack outfits for your entire trip. Not only will you be feeling and smelling fresh, but you’ll also have more room in your suitcase for souvenirs.

Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals

Is it really a vacation if your pet gets left behind? Learn more about our Pet-Friendly vacation rentals.