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Take time to explore some of Canada's most diverse cities and neighbourhoods. Premiere Suites' Know City Guides can help you find everything you need to make your extended stay memorable and enjoyable. Experience live theatre, world class attractions, and the finest places to dine, or consider a relaxing day at the spa, or a round of golf during your down time. Everything you need to "know" about your destination city is only a click away.


Toronto offers everything you can imagine and more from a modern metropolis. Its people and neighbourhoods are as diverse as the numerous things to see and do. Enjoy special events, explore city museums, visit Toronto’s famous entertainment district, or shop in downtown's underground walkway. Know Toronto>>>


One of the most remarkable cities you will ever visit, where your every urban desire is satisfied and contact with nature is never more than a few steps away. Whether you're shopping, relaxing in a park or bike riding around the seawall there is always something to do in while in Vancouver. Know Vancouver>>>


The historic streets are lined with buskers, vendors and show posters. Offering a calendar of major events and festivals Know-Edmonton is the gateway to the many attractions in the Alberta region. Whether it's a hip-hop musical comedy, or surreal clowns of horror, Edmonton is a lively city with much to do. Know Edmonton>>>


The spirit of the Old West lives on in Calgary, where the cowboy hat is just as fashionable on the ranch as it is in the boardroom. But rest assured, you do not need a big hat or spurs to fit in here. A big heart and a soft spot for a great steak will do fine. Learn where to go for meetings and conventions, leisure travel, sports, culture and major events. Know Calgary>>>


Born out of the amalgamation of ten small communities, the synergy of these communities has produced this dynamic waterfront community. There's so much to do and see, it's just a matter of choosing between galleries, museums and a great selection of fine dining restaurants. Mississauga has something for everyone. Know Mississauga>>>


The nation's capital city is a place where everyday citizens can feel at home, where nature is never far away, and all are invited to celebrate the values that make Canada great. Plan out the best way to see all the attractions that the city has to offer, a whole world awaits you in beautiful Ottawa. Know Ottawa>>>


Days and nights seem longer somehow in Montreal. The late closing times may have something to do with it. But those just reflect the city's insistence that every minute be lived to the fullest. There is always something exciting going every month of the year. Check our E-binder for valuable information. Know Montreal>>>


Recreationally, culturally and economically, Moncton is truly a city on the rise. Take in concerts, be moved by the ballet and experience the best retail shopping in Atlantic Canada. Attractions, dining, music and heritage seep onto the streets and enrich your heart. Know Moncton>>>


You will not stay a stranger for long in Halifax. Everywhere you go, warm smiles and gracious hospitality welcome you like old friends. Learn how to use public transit to attend events, visit City parks and Gardens, or find the best places to dine. Know Halifax>>>

St. John's

Rich with history, rife with culture, and sprawling with natural beauty. Go vigorously in search of people, adventures, and places to experience. Around every bend you will find a piece of heaven in St John's. Know St. John's>>>


Nestled alongside the St. John River in Fredericton, New Brunswick is Atlantic Canada's Riverfront Capital, a city that has a friendly and warm small town feel but offers visitors with the choices and diverse tastes of a cosmopolitan city. Know Fredericton>>>


Discover what to do in Winnipeg - from the top tourist attractions and activities to the most fun things to do. This website will help you plan where to eat, and what see and do on your down time. Know Winnipeg>>>


Whether a resident or visitor; you'll quickly understand why Saskatoon and Regina has gained a reputation as a great place to both live and visit. Know Saskatoon>>>


Oakville is a suburban community that lies on the shores of Lake Ontario in Halton Region. Located within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Oakville has a great reputation as being a vibrant and impressive community. Learn more at Know Oakville>>>


This city is best known for its annual Oktoberfest celebrations; in fact the Oktoberfest festival here is recognized worldwide. Kitchener (and surrounding area) has many breweries and wineries and perhaps you can get a better taste for local fare by touring a brewing facility. Find out more at Know Kitchener>>>


Although there is a lot of industry in this area Burlington is well-recognized as a four-season city with its beautiful parks, scenic lakeshore, the Royal Botanical Gardens and its proximity to the Niagara Escarpment. Explore more at Know Burlington>>>

North York

Located just minutes north of downtown Toronto, North York is a vibrant community that combines a suburban pace of life with the easy accessibility of the urban core. Read more at Know North York >>>