Our Company

Our People and Values


  • We set and achieve high standards for our business.
  • We have the level of competence required to lead and grow the business.
  • We deliver on our commitments both internally and externally.


  • We demonstrate and share enthusiasm, optimism and a positive approach.
  • We display and create in others a strong sense of team spirit and Premiere family values.
  • We demonstrate passion towards creating lasting relationships with our employees, clients and partners.


  • We encourage open and honest communication by sharing our thoughts and actively listening.
  • We honor diversity and recognize and respect what each individual brings to the team.
  • We align with, promote and contribute to the improvement of the business (agree to disagree and still support).


  • We demonstrate a strong work and performance ethic.
  • We accept accountability and responsibility for our actions and we admit mistakes.
  • We demonstrate loyalty to the organization and act in its best interest