Toy Stores in Scarborough

With the holidays just round the corner, the store shelves are stocked with gift ideas, and the malls are packed wall to wall with people trying to find that perfect gift for someone special. While it might not be easy to figure out what to get your dad or the guy in the office Secret Santa pool, kids are pretty simple to figure out.

Head to your local toy store and just watch your head spin as you navigate aisle after aisle full of toys - whether you’re looking for a classic from your childhood, arts and crafts sets, sports equipment, video games, educational toys, dolls, action figures or anything in between.

Toy stores present you with a lot of choice, which may or may not make it easier to find the perfect gift. If you know the child well enough or can put yourself into their shoes, try to imagine the gift that will keep the little one busy and entertained for hours of fun and creativity. They will appreciate the effort.

Here are some of the toy stores you can find in the Scarborough area of Toronto:

Toys Toys Toys

300 Borough Dr, Scarborough, Ontario (416) 290-1959

Toy World

85 Ellesmere Rd, Scarborough, Ontario (647) 367-4389


FUNtastic Finds Outlets

20 Lebovic Avenue, Scarborough, Ontario (416) 828-4011

Disney Store

300 Borough Dr, Scarborough, Ontario (416) 290-0456

Babies R Us Cedarbrae Mall

3495 Lawrence Ave E, Scarborough, Ontario (800) 869-7787

31 Progress Avenue. Unit 9, Scarborough, Ontario (855) 378-6886


1601 Birchmount Rd, Scarborough, Ontario (416) 901-8820

Playwell Enterprises Ltd

Units 17-19, 921 Progress Ave, Scarborough, Ontario (416) 439-0044

My Gifted Child Inc

2883 St Clair Ave E, Scarborough, Ontario (416) 285-6692

Toy Centre

85 Ellesmere Rd, Scarborough, Ontario (647) 873-5860